Frequently Asked Questions

Our Wine

[toggle_block title=”Where is your wine made?”]

All of our wine is crushed, pressed, processed, aged, and bottled on property. We  use state of the art stainless steel equipment and tanks coupled with  decades of wine making experience to ensure the highest quality possible.

[/toggle/block][toggle/block title=”Where do you source your grapes?”]

100% of our grapes are grown in Pennsylvania. We grow two varieties of grapes on property; Vidal Blanc and Frontenac. However, these grapes only make up about 3% of all the grapes we use. Everything else comes from the North East region of Erie. We use grapes-not pre crushed grape juice- to make our wines. Using fresh grapes to make our wines increases the quality and gives us more control over the finished product.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”How much wine do you produce a year?”]

We produce approximately 30,000 gallons or 175,000 bottles of wine a year.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”What is ABV?”]

ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume. It is a measure of how  much alcohol is contained in an alcoholic beverage expressed as a percentage of total volume. If a bottle of wine has a ABV of 12%, it means that 12% of the bottle is pure ethanol. Wines typically range from 9%-16%.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”What are Sulfites?”]

Sulfites are chemical compounds that are widely used as food preservatives. They are also often used in wine making as a way to preserve wine and prevent oxidation.  Sulfites occur naturally in all wines so no wine is truly sulfite free yet the amount sulfites present in different wines can vary greatly. Narcisi Wines contain approximately 1/10th of the sulfites allowable by law- approximately 35ppm (parts per million) as compared to 350ppm.


Tasting Bar

[toggle_block title=”When is the tasting bar open? Do I need to make a reservation?”]

The tasting bar is open during all operating hours.  11am-9pm Wednesday and Thursday, 11am-10pm Friday and Saturday and 11am-8pm Sunday.  No need to reserve a time or call ahead. Just swing by and sip away!

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”How does a tasting work?”]

At the tasting bar you’ll be able to taste many different wines. We offer 2 complimentary tastings with the option of adding 4 more for $5.  It’s suggested that you try dry wines before sweet wines and whites before reds.  Not sure where to start? We have a wonderful staff that will guide you through a tasting so you find wines that you enjoy.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”How long does it take to do a tasting?”]

Depending on volume a tasting can take anywhere between 5-20 minutes to complete. If you’re coming for dinner, please arrive approximately 10-15 minutes before your reservation to complete a tasting.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Can I pay for additional tastings?”]

We do not offer additional tastings  for a fee. However, if you’re really curious about a particular wine and we’re not busy the tasting bar staff can typically pour you an extra taste.


Buying Our Wines

[toggle_block title=”How can I purchase wine while at the Winery?”]

You have a few options: You can purchase both glasses and bottles in our gift shop either to be drank here or to take home If you’re going out to the lawn or picnic area we provide you with plastic picnic cups. If you’ll be eating at the restaurant, you can order your wine from your server. The prices are the same either way-no corkage fees or up charges.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Where else do you sell your wine?”]

The majority of sales take place at the winery, you do have a few other options though. You can purchase wines online at www.NarcisiWineryStore.com. Also, 14 Giant Eagle locations, several breweries and a few restaurants have our wines for sale in their shops and on their wine menus. Click here for a list of stores, breweries and restaurants.



[toggle_block title=”When do you serve Lunch and Dinner?”]

Lunch is served from 11am until 4pm Wednesday thru Friday. Dinner is served from 4pm until 9pm Wednesday and Thursday, 4pm until 10pm Friday, Saturday 11am until 10pm, and Sunday 11am until 8pm.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Do you take reservations?”]

We take reservations for indoors ONLY. Our patio is seated on a first come, first serve basis. If you have an indoor reservation and would like to be seated outdoors you must have the entire party present and we will accommodate the seating. If we are on a wait, your name will be taken for an available table in the order it is received.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Do you do anything special for birthdays or special events? Can I bring a cake?”]

We permit tables of any size to bring in outside desserts for a $12 fee. Upon entry, simply give the hostess your reservation name and the dessert. We will keep the dessert for you, refrigerated if needed, and make your server aware to serve the dessert following your meal.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Do you have any gluten free options?”]

We will accommodate any allergies and or gluten free needs you might have, and we do have quite a few options. If you let the server know of any special requirements before the order is taken he/she can assist you in making the proper menu selections.


Picnic Area & Pavilion

[toggle_block title=”Can we order food in the Picnic area or Pavilion or bring our own?”]

You have a few options when it comes to food. You can bring your own picnic from home, order take out from the restaurant, or pick up some snacks from the gift shop.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”How many people can I bring to the pavilion?”]

As we want to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy our Winery, we ask that you only bring groups of 12 or less and occupy no more than 2 picnic tables in the pavilion. If you have a large group, consider renting a pavilion space or utilizing our lawn area.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”Can we bring our dog? A cornhole set?  A tent?”]

In a word, yes! Dogs are  allowed as long as they stay in the grass, are leashed and you clean up after them. Corn hole, footballs, Frisbees and other games are allowed as long as you’re being safe with them and finally, 10X10 tents are allowed as long as they aren’t blocking the view of other customers.

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”How about A grill? A crock pot? Outside Alcohol?”]

Unfortunately, these items are not allowed. Grills and crock pots are a fire hazard and outside alcohol is a violation of our liquor license and will be confiscated and dumped out immediately.


Buses and Limos Visits

At Narcisi Winery we make every effort to ensure that your visit is both enjoyable and safe.  Because of the large number of guests we receive and the heavy traffic of cars entering our parking lot we can accept buses or limousines BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Please call no later than 48 hours before your visit.  Here are a few rules concerning limousines and buses:

  1. Limousines/buses may NOT park on site.
  2. Guests MUST leave all alcoholic beverages in the limousine/bus. Alcohol brought out of the vehicle will be confiscated and not returned.
  3. Guests who are visibly intoxicated at time of arrival will NOT be served and will be asked to leave.


[toggle_block title=”Is there a cover charge for your events?”]

No cover charge. We simply ask that you make a purchase of wine or food when you’re here to offset the cost of the performer. Check out our events page for your schedule!

[/toggle_block][toggle_block title=”What’s the difference between The Patio and The Stage?”]

Music performances take place either on the patio stage – the small stage on the restaurant patio or The Stage- the larger stage in the grass. The Event listing page will list where each performance takes place.