In 1911, Raphael Narcisi and his two brothers, Giovanni and Gabriele, immigrated to the United States from Italia, Abruzzo, Guilianova. They settled in the small community of Sharpsburg, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Bringing their knowledge of Italian wine-making to the city of Pittsburgh, Raphael nurtured his passion and continued to make wine for his family and community. Raphael’s son Thomas learned the techniques and developed his love of wine-making. He eventually built a cellar on his farm in Coraopolis. In 1980, he passed the reins to his nephew Dennis who “inherited” the passion. Realizing his dream, he along with wife Sara and son Randy opened Narcisi Winery on November 1, 2001. In 2006, son Tony joined the family team and the tradition continues.



In 2009 we added a restaurant.  The original kitchen is now our gift shop, with the only room for service above the tasting bar and on the then-newly-built outdoor patio.  In 2010 they reinvented themselves as La Vite Ristorante. They got some extra serving space as well when our outdoor pavilion was completed that year. In 2011 the larger dining room and kitchen were completed and La Vite got some more room to breathe.



The Winery has been expanding quickly as well. The gift shop was built shortly after the kitchen was moved in 2012. The “tank room” (the location where the wine is made) has slowly been moving further back in the building as we continue to add on and expand. We’re in the final stages of completing another tank room expansion and creation of a freezer unit to make the wine making process more efficient.


The Narcisi Family invites you to come and enjoy generations of wine-making.